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Major Brawlclub Development Batting Order:
  • Introduces a new engaging quest system within the BrawlClub, enabling players to embark on various quests with specific objectives and rewards.
  • Creates dedicated channels for quest-related interactions, including "Quest," "Raid," "Raid Staff," and "Raid Rewards."
  • Embeds interactive quest descriptions for different tasks, encouraging players to engage in actions such as creating and winning brawls, leveling up, and securing King of the Ring or Championship victories.
  • Implements a dynamic progression system where quests become progressively challenging, incentivizing continuous participation and growth.
  • Incorporates a feedback loop by sending users whispered progress updates as they complete quest objectives, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
Raid Events:
  • Introduces exciting raid events where teams can initiate brawls and engage in battles.
  • Sets up a team-initiated "/postraid" command that posts an embed in the dedicated "Raid" channel, notifying all participants and encouraging their involvement.
  • Facilitates engagement by prompting participants to post titles, descriptions, and Twitter post links, rewarding interactions like likes, retweets, and comments.
  • Implements a claim mechanism for users to submit proof of engagement, with an organized system for tracking claims and verifying rewards.
  • Enhances the player experience by sending personalized messages and notifications about low $Brawl reserves, offering a solution to replenish resources.
Health, Damage, and Items:
  • Revamps the in-game mechanics to introduce health and items, enhancing the depth and strategy of battles within The Brawlclub.
  • Employs a dynamic health system, where each brawler has a maximum of 100 HP, making battles more engaging and strategic.
  • Introduces Health and Revive Potions, which players can use to restore health and revive team members, adding tactical choices to gameplay.
  • Enhances the user interface by updating the "/profile" command to include multiple pages for displaying stats, equipped items, and inventory.
  • Creates a diverse range of armor and weapon items, each with different rarities, enhancing the customization and uniqueness of brawlers.
  • Simplifies item management by enabling users to sell items for $Brawl and introducing a capacity system to avoid item hoarding.
Silent Auctions (Brawlauction):
  • Introduces a unique auction system, known as Brawlauction, where users can bid for exclusive items and rewards.
  • Establishes a dedicated "BrawlAuction" channel and associated commands for users and admin/mods to initiate and manage auctions.
  • Enhances engagement by allowing users to bid using the "/bid" command, fostering competition and excitement.
  • Implements a secure verification process by prompting users to provide proof of their bids, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • Reinforces the sense of community by rewarding winners directly from the project vault, while also promoting resource management by signaling low $Brawl reserves and suggesting solutions.
Tournaments & Championship Road:
  • Elevates the competitive spirit by introducing the Tournament and Championship Road, two major events in The Brawlclub ecosystem.
  • Implements the "/Tournament" command for user entry into tournaments, creating a dynamic and engaging competitive experience.
  • Establishes tournament brackets for different rounds, automating the battle initiation process and ensuring fair matchups.
  • Promotes friendly competition by displaying history posts for round completions, keeping participants informed and invested.
  • Elevates the excitement by organizing the Championship Road, a monthly top 8 player tournament culminating in the crowning of a champion.
  • Awards the champion with a special Discord role, adding prestige and recognition to their achievements, and encouraging continued participation and title defense.