$Shake SPL coin
$Shake is a fixed supply SPL token used for various purposes in Nyxlabs' ecosystem. It can be used to purchase items from the online storefront, participate in championships, and buy user-quests in the upcoming Brawl Quest. Additionally, it can also be used to purchase items from the MetaMerchant.
With a fixed supply of 10 million coins, $Shake can only be acquired through staking Nyxlabs NFTs at the moment. However, it will soon be obtainable by winning wagered brawls and quests. Get ready to shake things up with $Shake and join the exciting world of Nyxlabs!
$Shake is our unique Solana SPL coin that can be used for a variety of purposes within the Nyxlabs ecosystem. One of the most exciting uses for $Shake is to purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win one-of-a-kind 1:1 artwork, This artwork can be staked in our $Solana Staking Pools once they open. Additionally, In an up coming update $Shake will soon be used in duel wagers in the Brawlclub, allowing users to participate in high-stakes brawls for even bigger rewards. $Shake can be exchanged for $Brawl in the Brawlclub at a 100:1 $Brawl ratio. Projects adopting the Brawlclub can replace $Shake with their own SPL coin.