Staking Your Nyxlabs NFTs with our Vault

At Nyxlabs, we offer our users the ability to stake their NFTs from any of our three collections. By staking your NFTs, you can earn 5 $Shake tokens per day for each NFT that is staked.

Our staking process is simple and secure. Once you have acquired a Nyxlabs NFT, you can navigate to our staking page and select the NFTs you wish to stake. Once staked, your NFTs will be securely held in our vault, and you can start earning $Shake rewards immediately.

Our staking rewards are paid out on a daily basis, and the more NFTs you stake, the more $Shake you can earn. Additionally, we plan to introduce additional benefits for our stakers in the near future, such as exclusive access to NFT drops and early access to new features.

Staking with Nyxlabs is a great way to earn passive income while holding onto your favorite NFTs. Join us today and start staking your Nyxlabs NFTs!

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